Car Alignment

If you have driven and experienced your car drifting to one side while driving on flat local roads, while your steering wheel is straight – or if you have noticed uneven wear on your tires,it is time for a wheel alignment. Wheel alignment acts a preventative measure to make sure your car drives straight on the roads, enhances the durability of your tires and helps your car run smoother – even saving gas!

Think of it almost like a shopping cart, how much energy it takes you to drive a shopping cart with unaligned wheels – you are swerving in the isles and pushing with more force. It is similar to your car – more gas to push the car, drifting to a side on the road, and wearing tires. The longer you leave it – the worse it can get. If you haven’t experienced these, it is still a great practice to check your car’s owner’s manual in order to familiarize yourself with the maintenance of your vehicle.

There really is no actual way to completely prevent an unaligned car, since it is an indicator of everyday use of your vehicle. It isn’t only the wheels but it’s also the vehicle’s suspension – which is essentially a system of linkages that connect to the wheels that ensures cooperation between the two. Upon going into your local GTA car alignment mechanic, they can use an alignment machine to measure the values and then the mechanic then adjusts these linkages accordingly. Once the procedure is finished – it guarantees even tire wear, due to the suspension making sure the tires are being used evenly, this ensures preventative measures against drifting to a side on local roads (outside of the 400 highway series, which are paved unevenly) and assists in saving fuel! Everyone’s got to love that bonus.

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