Wheel Balancing: Why is it important to me?

The balance of your wheels is a very important component to a healthy automobile. The “balance” of a tire is simply how much pressure is put on the wheel from the mass of the car, which should be evenly distributed throughout the wheels. Each wheel should represent the same amount of pressure when measured, which means that your car is Continue Reading...
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Car Alignment

If you have driven and experienced your car drifting to one side while driving on flat local roads, while your steering wheel is straight – or if you have noticed uneven wear on your tires,it is time for a wheel alignment. Wheel alignment acts a preventative measure to make sure your car drives straight on the roads, enhances the durability Continue Reading...
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How Brakes Function

Many people are unaware of how their vehicle actually operate, all they know is that they push down on a pedal and their powerful machine comes to a stop. There are many components that go into a car, and usually it’s quite complicated, but understanding brakes is always a great thing to learn! If you live in the GTA (Greater Continue Reading...
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