Does Woodbridge Alignment service suspensions on lowered or raised Vehicles?

Yes. At Woodbridge Alignment we use drive-on-pits which allow our technicians access to all suspension components without ever having to drive the vehicle on any sort of elevated ramp. This process makes our alignment pits a much safer option than the typical alignment racks.

What types of vehicles can Woodbridge Alignment provide its service for?

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our car repair and maintenance services on a variety of common and specialty vehicles. These include:
lowered vehicles
raised / lifted trucks
heavy tucks (dump trucks, transport trucks, rear axle service)
limos (stretched included), taxis
cube vans, cargo vans, mini vans
handicap specialty vans and taxis
sedans, 4×4, AWD
all luxury and sport vehicles including exotics
track / race ready vehicles
competition or show vehicles
recreational vehicles (ATVs, RVs, Go-carts etc.)
pick up trucks,
vehicles with hydraulic or air ride suspensions (including ‘lowriders’)
vehicles with non-standard rim sizes

Does Woodbridge Alignment take appointments?

No. Woodbridge Alignment works on a ‘first come, first serve basis’. You may call or email prior to coming and we will more than happy to tell you how approximately how long the
waiting list is.

What are the hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (all technicians on lunch between 1pm
and 2pm).

Does Woodbridge Alignment perform Oil Changes, emission tests or any other general service?

No. we specialize in automotive suspension services only. Including alignments,
wheel balancing, replacing all suspension components and any repairing of suspension related

If I had an accident and have been told my frame or suspension is “bent”, can Woodbridge Alignment cater to that service?

Often, vehicles will need “more” than just a wheel alignment. We service suspensions
that have been damaged due to collisions, pot holes, curbs etc. However, an inspection and
assessment of the vehicle needs to be performed by one of our suspension technicians in order to
determine the process involved in correcting all angles for the damaged

Will Woodbridge Alignment check my suspension parts prior to performing an alignment?

Before performing an alignment on any vehicle (heavy trucks included), we check all
suspension parts and components. If there is a part that requires replacement prior to an
alignment, our technician will physically show you the defective part and can supply you with a quotation
at that time.

What is the cost for an alignment?

Costs vary depending on the type of vehicle. Please phone us for further

Does Woodbridge Alignment sell tires or rims?

We do not sell tires or rims. If you need to replace your tires, we suggest you have
them mounted prior to having us balance or align your vehicle.

How long does an average alignment take?

On average a four wheel alignment takes approximately one
hour from start to finish.