Our Service

Our services provided are for all types of vehicles including a variety of common and specialty vehicles. Some of our services include:

Repair Services

  • Suspension Frame Repair
    Suspension and Frame Repairs

    Often, vehicles will need “more” than just a wheel alignment. We service suspensions that have been damaged due to collisions, pot holes, curbs etc.

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  • imagebrakes
    Woodbridge Alignment provides brake services, including replacement and repairing of brake pads, rotors, lines, drums, shoes, and calipers for all vehicles and heavy trucks....
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    Wheel Alignment

    We provide excellent quality service for a variety of common and specialty vehicles including: Lowered vehicles Raised / lifted trucks Heavy Tucks (dump trucks, transport trucks, rear axle service) Buses Limos (stretched included), taxis .

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    Wheel Balancing
    Automobile shops test the balance of your tires one of either two ways, which is static balancing and dynamic balancing. Static balance can be achieved by the use of a “static balancing” machine; which consists of a wheel placed vertically on a non­spinning spindle tool. This...
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