Wheel Balancing

Automobile shops test the balance of your tires one of either two ways, which is static
balancing and dynamic balancing. Static balance can be achieved by the use of a “static
balancing” machine; which consists of a wheel placed vertically on a non­spinning spindle
tool. This tool then applies pressure to the tire from the top, which measures the
deflection and gives you an idea of how imbalanced the tire is.

Dynamic balance consists
of generally the same thing, the machine is quite similar; but dynamic balancing has the
tire spinning when the tests are applied for maximum results. There are many cars that
have sensors to let you know of these problems, but sometimes the only way to properly
balance your car (most of the time dynamically) is to bring it into a shop. The balance of
your tires has a drastic effect of how your car can and will perform, so be sure to sort out
any irregularities as quickly as possible.

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